5 Key Elements to Consider When Choosing the Best Free Stock Photography Websites

Selling stock photos online is a challenging pursuit. You cannot just go online; pick out any photography website to sell your photos. If you do that, you might spend a whole year without the sale of a single photo. This is why meticulous research is required to determine the best site that can sell your high-quality photo easily and fast. That said; here are specific characteristics of high converting free stock photography websites:

  1. Effective free stock photography sites must be responsive

The modern-day high internet speeds should reflect on any photography website that seeks to sell photos online. Customers hate to come to a site and experience a slow loading and unresponsive website. They will just click away. The best online photography platforms use photography website templates, hosts, and services that provide for an ‘’out of this world” experience. Great photography sites never allow their customers to feel any pain when browsing through their web pages.

  1. The best free stock photography websites must be SEO friendly

The most successful photography sites are built on strong SEO foundations. Good SEO practices enable search engines to recognize and rank any site. Without SEO, no customers can find any website online, and this means no customers to convert. So you’ll be wasting your time selling your photos on such sites.

  1. High converting photography websites come with a mobile-friendly design

It’s a substantiated fact that mobile searchers exceed desktop searcher, by far. In fact, more than 1 billion people who search out products online use mobile devices. A photography website that is not responsive to mobile is losing out on millions of leads daily. Before selecting a photography website to list your photos on for sale, ensure that it is mobile-friendly.

  1. Meaningful free stock photography sites have Social media sharing buttons

Social media is the new frontier. Almost all marketers have trained their marketing campaigns on social media since most people spend a lot of time there. Social media also groups people according to unique commonalities. So it’s quite easy to target your market. A photography website that doesn’t integrate social media into their platform has no business in today’s market. You should never think about listing your free stock photos on such platforms.

  1. Integrating blogs within photography websites is key to optimizing engagements and sales.

To be able to sell in today’s cutthroat competitive market; you must engage your visitors and give them good reasons to buy your products. This is why a blog feature within a photography website is handy. A blog contains useful content about photography and allows you and your customers to interact in the comment section. These kinds of interactions enable customers to develop trust in you and buy your products again and again.