Free Stock Photos: 3 Secrets To Optimizing Your Website Images For Better SEO Ranking

Whether you are running a photography website or an online store, ranking better in the search engine is critical. For this reason, you need images for your site to stand out and be attractive to draw high traffic. However, with the overwhelming increase in the number of free stock photos, selecting images that will optimize your site without adverse effect on its search engine rankings can be tricky.

Here are the secrets to optimizing images from free stock photos galleries to achieve better ranking for your website:

  1. Always use JPEG or PNG files for your website photography

Selecting the right format for your site imageries is a step to having an attractive and fast loading site. JPEG and PNG are popular image formats that work well on websites. However, each format works well for a given image type. In this essence, if you are uploading photos on your site, always ensure they are in the JPEG format. This format is efficient in managing photography colors without expounding their size.

As well, if your site will involve graphics; PNG is the preferred format as it offers a higher quality than JPEG. As such, you can zoom in and out without losing the image quality which makes an excellent choice for uploading logos and infographics.

  1. Select high-quality images

Even if you are using the free stock photos as the source of your website imageries, always ensure they are of the right quality. A quality image transforms to an attractive and professional site that every visitor will fall in love with.

Importantly, using high-quality images in all your site pages improves the quality of the content uploaded to them. In turn, it receives high traffic which equates to better SEO ranking.

  1. Make sure your images are web-friendly through balancing their size and resolution.

Some of the images you obtain from the free stock photos sites are of high resolution. Even though a high resolution is an important aspect in making your site impressive,  such images slow down it’s loading speed which translates to poor user experience. In the end, your site receives low traffic and deteriorating search engine ranking. For this reason, you should ensure there is a balance between your site imageries resolution and size.

As you have seen, to optimize your site images for better search engine ranking, you must select the right image format, ensure the chosen images are of high-quality, and always balance their size and resolution.