Step By Step Guide on How to Make Money with Free Image Hosting photography websites

A lot of people are laughing their way to the bank each month making money off image hosting sites. There are many image hosting platforms online that enable you to earn money this way. All you need is excellent photography and editing skills. However, there is a catch: The photos must truly be high-resolution and meet the websites’ editing guidelines. There is no going around this fact. So here are steps on how to make money with free image hosting:

  1. Take high-resolution images for commercial use

The first step to making money with free image hosting websites is to take high-quality photos. It’s highly recommended that you invest in high-definition photography equipment. These kinds of equipment are costly. You had better rent one if you can’t afford.

  1. Edit your images for commercial use

The second step is to edit your images. Different free hosting photography websites have guidelines on how they like their photos edited. Follow their instructions to the latter. You can utilize free photo editing software such as Paint.NET, GIMP, or PhotoScape.

  1. Register on a popular image hosting site to sell your images for commercial use

Some image hosting platforms require that you build your own store from scratch, pay for your hosting plan, and your photography website templates. This can be an expensive venture. The cost-effective way is to go with a platform that allows you to create your account and upload your images. It’s best to start off with this cost-effective option and upgrade later when business is good.

  1. Upload your high definition images for commercial use

When your account is active, start downloading your high-resolution images. You’ll have to give the image hosting company time to evaluate your photos. Once the images meet the site’s criteria, they will be uploaded on the website immediately.

  1. Start sharing your images for commercial use with others

Image hosting websites pay you according to the number of views your images have garnered. This is why you need to initiate robust marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your account. The first place to think of when looking to collect substantial traffic is social media. Share your photos on social media. When traffic starts to build up in your store, you start to make money automatically. An image hosting site like pays you $2 for every 1000 image views.

You can make enough passive income every month with free image hosting. When you reach the minimum payout figure, you’re allowed to request payment to your PayPal account or any other payment option supported by the platform. Although it will take you time to generate significant traffic to guarantee earnings, with patience and persistence, you’ll get there.